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  • How do I clean the wraps?
    The wraps can be hand washed with COOL water (not too hot, or the wax will melt!) and a bit of dish soap. Let them air dry, then fold them up and they are ready to use. WRAP, WASH, REUSE
  • What are the wraps made from?
    The wraps are made from beeswax, 100 percent cotton fabric, pine resin and jojoba oil. They are naturally antibacterial, and require minimal care.
  • What sizes are the wraps and what can I use them for?
    Naturewraps come in 3 handy sizes: SMALL - 8" Great for smaller fruits and veggies like lemons, onions, ginger and avocados. Use as a cover for lidless containers. MEDIUM - 10" Super versatile! Cover dishes, wrap sandwiches, cover smaller fresh vegetables. You'll find so many uses for this size. LARGE - 12" Your friend for leafy greens and veggies like celery, broccoli and cauliflower, over casserole dishes, or wrap your takeaway lunch.
  • Can I use the wraps in the microwave?
    NO, unfortunately not. The wraps are not for microwave or direct heat. Too much heat will cause the beeswax to melt, and will make the wraps unusable. Use only cool water to clean them.
  • How long will the wraps last?
    Of course it depends how often you use them and how you care for them, but ideally the wraps should last about one year or longer.
  • Can I order these in bulk for resale?
    Absolutely! Contact us for wholesale pricing.
  • How do I order the wraps?
    You may place your order by sending an email to Please include how manyand what type of wraps you would like, plus your name and a contact phone number. We will get back to you with the total cost including the shipping details. You may then pay either by e-transfer, or with your credit card over the phone. (Please note we do NOT store any personal or financial information.)
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